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Native American Tribal Planning

Life is different for American Indians.  Governance is different.   Land ownership is different.   Economic conditions are generally more desperate.  Finding and maintaining a direction is often more challenging.

What is not different is the inherent desire of all people for a better life.   Everyone wants more and better jobs.   Everyone wants to live in a place he or she is proud to call home. All of us want a plan for our future.

Building Communities respects these differences and similarities in the work we do with American Indians.  While delivering our services during 2012-2015, we went to some very special places and worked with local leaders doing some amazing things to help create a better future.

After completing over 70 strategic plans in tribal and non-tribal communities across the United States, we have two major conclusions: 1) with only one modification (which we have made), our process works equally well for tribal communities, and 2) it is more important than ever to assist tribal communities to immediately transition into plan implementation. 

The most significant modification for tribal communities is the need to assist with effective governance.  Many tribes have established enterprises in order to separate business from politics.  Building Communities believes that this is essential and it is also frequently necessary to examine and assist with general tribal governance as well.  In other words, just because a tribe has a plandoes not necessarily mean there is an organization available to implement it.  Therefore, Building Communities brings its organizational development tools and experience to the table.

Moving immediately into plan implementation is very important in tribal communities.  As such, Building Communities has developed a series of implementation services including:

Full Service Support for Tribal Communities

Finally, Building Communities has identified a series of funders that can help tribes pay for strategic planning and plan implementation services.  Building Communities is prepared to work closely with tribal leaders, executive staff and economic development professionals to bring these services to tribes throughout the nation.


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