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Success of Building Communities Featured in New York City Television Markets on Today in America Program

March, 2013

Boise, Idaho  | The nation's fastest growing community and economic development strategic planning firm is being featured in New York City this month on the Today in America television program hosted by Terry Bradshaw.

Building Communities is currently performing its community and economic development strategic planning services in over 50 U.S. cities and four Indian Nations.  The popularity of the strategic planning service stems from how fast, objective and comprehensive it is.   The Building Communities methodology enables community leaders to begin implementing job-creating projects within weeks of conducting the planning activity.

"Communities do not have time for long, drawn-out planning processes that are long on demographics and short on action," said Brian Cole, President of Building Communities.  "Our process is different in that we offer 25 executable strategies that communities can immediate focus upon and begin their implementation efforts."

Terry Bradshaw, whose program regularly features successful American businesses and communities agrees.

"Rather than start with the typical demographic study and SWOT analysis, Building Communities begins by offering a menu of 25 executable strategies through the Strategy Selector Tool," said Bradshaw, Today in America host and popular professional football legend.  "Once strategies are selected, communities are presented with four to eleven Essential Action Steps."

Communities then receive their Plan Implementation Workbook which is an updatable document that community professionals use to guide and document their progress.

"A plan is worthless if it just sits on the shelf.  That is why we issue the Plan Implementation Workbook," said Cole. 

"In fact, we do not even recommend that the Plan Implementation Workbook is printed.   It is an electronic document that is shared by the local community and our staff here at Building Communities to help push progress along.   It should be updated every week."

Cities, counties, states and tribes can find out more on Building Communities' website or by calling (928) 814-3710.

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