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Building Communities to be featured on "Today in America" with Terry Bradshaw

March, 2013

Beginning in February, Building Communities will be featured on Today in America with Terry Bradshaw.  We are very excited for viewers all over the country to see the great work going on to build America's future.

Catch the production before it airs:

About Building Communities

Founded in 2009 by Brian Cole, Building Communities is a rapidly growing economic development strategic planning company whose objective is to help communities across the United States envision and enact their future.  Using a comprehensive, objective and expeditious strategic planning methodology—built from the ground up by our creative team—our approach to community planning helps community leaders broaden their vision of development and quality-of-life options.  It inspires citizens to get more invested and engaged in their communities and equips communities with tools that they can utilize to keep their plans and momentum alive and fresh while they pursue the accomplishment of their objectives.

By the end of 2013, we will have deployed our community and economic development strategic planning methodology in over 50 U.S. communities since 2010.  We look forward to sharing more about the work that has been done during these years when v 2.0 of our website is complete in March.

The success that communities are realizing using Building Communities' planning approach has already captured the attention of Terry Bradshaw from the popular TV show, Today in America. The five-minute video above will begin airing soon, and grants a look at a small portion of the work of Building Communities is engaged in around the country.  This video spot highlights work being done in Watford City, North Dakota, the MHA Nation (the Three Affiliated Tribes—Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara) of North Dakota and Upper Moenkopi Village in Coconino County, Arizona.

Please take some time to watch the Today in America spot. Share with us your thoughts about the video, or subscribe to our newsletter using the form below.  If you would like more information about Building Communities and our strategic planning methodology or products, fill out our contact form and we'll gladly get in touch to discuss your needs or answer your questions.

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