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Whether you are broadly setting the direction for your community, informing a land-use plan, creating a more effective and relevant (EDA) Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), mobilizing a HUD-funded Regional Plan for Sustainable Development or any other community-based planning pursuit, the Building Communities process can be the catalyst for positive action ahead.

Our brand of community and economic development strategic planning is different than any other process. We know because we invented it.

Decades ago, a generic strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT) analysis was the common approach. More recently, the SWOT process evolved into what has became known as Asset-based Community Development (ABCD).

Building Communities is the third generation of strategic planning for communities. We take the strengths of both older approaches to create a very fast-paced process that is immensely engaging for community leaders and volunteers.


Empowering Regional Planning with Strong, Local Roots

Regional planning is important, but can become meaningless if it is not rooted in local engagement, decisions and action. Building Communities integrates regional planning with local processes in order to maintain local priorities and actions while preserving and enhancing the benefits of regional planning. Here are our two most recent regional plans:

The fast-growing rural region of Western North Dakota

The Native American Tribe-centered region of Northeast Arizona

"The strategic plan created by the Bodaway Gap Chapter of Navajo Nation received praise from Navajo Nation president Ben Shelly on June 21, 2014. The plan has effectively leveraged over $3.2 million in grant funding within three months of its completion."

Brian Kensley, Chapter Manager - Bodaway/Gap Chapter


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