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Creative Team

Brian Cole

Brian founded Building Communities, Inc. in 2009.

Based upon 25 years of economic development experience, he created a new way for communities to envision and enact their future. Described in his book, Building Communities: 25 Strategies to Advance America, the unique methodology is objective, comprehensive and expeditious, and is currently being used by more than 50 communities across the United States.

Brian sees the Building Communities approach as transformational not only for communities but also for foundations, businesses, utilities and governmental agencies seeking a more efficient way to improve local economies and quality of life.

Read Brian's extended bio.

Kevin Bradford
Software Designer

Kevin has been with Building Communities since the beginning of the methodology. Although he does not have direct field experience in economic development, using his keen discernment of the purpose, function and effectiveness of relational systems, Kevin shapes all of Building Communities' planning products and processes.

The expertise that Kevin brings from his 19 years in the graphics, web and data industries helps our company bridge the gap between strategic planning and technology. 

Kevin has built Building Communities' planning software suite from the ground up and continues to deliver new and innovative data solutions to our clients to help them manage and implement their plans more effectively.

Dr. Marshall Whitmire
Director of Research
& Development

Marshall has worked professionally in human, organization and community development for more than 40 years. He has designed, executed and collaborated on complex projects in the US and internationally, and as owner and Managing Director of RCI Surveys, Inc., has served client organizations in more than 50 countries and managed survey research projects in some 30 languages.

Marshall provides quality control, research and sustainable development expertise for Building Communities.

Marketing Team

Kimberly Janeway
Special Projects,
Business Development

Kimberly leads an internal team to generate proposals in response to RFPs. Kimberly also provides administrative support for all of Building Communities.

Jon Kimball
Special Projects,
Business Development

Jon is involved with virtually every aspect of the company, serving to build strong external relationships, coordinate speaking events and manage special projects.

Jon has special expertise with video and three-dimensional graphics to bring our work to life.

Jon brings a worldwide rolodex of contacts to Building Communities, helping us meet our goal of transforming the way communities envision and enact their future.

Ted Natt
Community Success Journalist

Ted’s professional background is in the business of journalism both as a reporter and a publisher.

Ted helps tell the story of the ultimate impact of our work—the bottom-line benefits for the communities themselves.

Based in North Carolina, Ted is also involved with the development of strategic plans in communities on the east coast.

Administrative Team

Jodi Whittaker
Business Manager
Jodi Whittaker, CPA earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting at the University of Idaho and a Masters in Taxation from Boise State University. Jodi started her career with Deloitte and has 28 years of experience in corporate finance and taxation. She has an excellent track record of leading companies to improved financial performance, heightened productivity and enhanced internal controls. She has a strong expertise in budgeting and financial reporting.

Jodi is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Idaho Society of Certified Public Accountants, and the Idaho State Board of Accountancy.
Anya Oates
Business Support

Anya has several years of both accounting and high-level administrative experience as well as individual and business taxation. She provides various accounting and bookkeeping services for private-sector businesses including accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliations, inventory tracking, cash management, sales tax, payroll, budgeting and financial reporting.

Aside from her contributions to Building Communities, Inc., her experience includes work in the wholesale, retail, and real estate industries.


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